Tuesday May 07, 2024

Data Center Frontier's Rich Miller Talks Gigawatt Data Center Campus Predictions

The latest episode of the Data Center Frontier Show Podcast presents an Editors' Summit of sorts, as DCF's founder and Editor at Large Rich Miller drops by to join in the discussion with Editor in Chief Matt Vincent and Senior Editor David Chernicoff.

The editors discuss the challenges of power availability in leading data center markets and the concept of Gigawatt data Center campuses (as reflected by Rich's latest article) as a solution, focusing on renewable energy and innovative designs.

Microsoft's commitment to ten gigawatts of renewable energy, as well as the Infrastructure Masons recommendation of clean energy parks amounting to about the same, is mentioned, along with the challenges posed by climate change and the need for innovation in renewable energy. 

The pricing out of small data centers due to demand from hyperscalers is also discussed, as were the present, burgeoning prospects for nuclear energy to power the data center industry, including the absolutely accelerating nuclear SMR frontier, of which much was heard at Data Center World (Apr. 15-18) in Washington, DC.

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